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Big-heart is synonymous to Ugandans.

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On a random evening, people will be gathered in restaurants, bars and homes to fund-raise for a wedding or a surprise birthday party. We are not only generous with our money but with our time as well. If you happen to lose your way on the street, chances that someone will take you to at-least where you can see the place you are going to are pretty many.

The Lion of Buganda launching Masengeere. -Internet Image-

The Lion of Buganda launching Masengeere.
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Last year, we had the “Etofaali” contributions as fund-raising for the completion of “Masengere” which is  a reminder of the military occupation  that Buganda kingdom underwent in the post 1966 crisis and the building was completed.

With the phenomenon of social media, we have taken this generosity a notch higher. Significantly, last year, Ugandans raised over 100 million Ugandan shillings to treat Rosemary Nankabirwa (RIP) who unfortunately succumbed to Cancer.

Carol Atuhiire whose smile never fades(L) -Internet Image-

Carol Atuhiire whose smile never fades(L)
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On Saturday past, Ugandans in one day raised 57 million shillings in a car wash organized by Kyamutetera the Chief Editor of the CEO magazine and so far, 200 million shillings of 270 million shillings has been collected to save Carol. This is a Nobel virtue that we ought to uphold, but not one to be taken for granted.



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