21 year old Mwebaza Gloria, selected as Mentor Chairperson at Louisiana Tech

Mwebaza Gloria joined Louisiana Tech, located in Louisiana State, Ruston city in the United States in 2014 and ever since, this very awesome Ugandan lady has not only defied the odds but has also upheld the African Values and discipline up to the point where she has been given more responsibility apart from being just a student.

Gloria is an inspiration to many ladies and young girls. Anyone can become whatever they want to become, anyone can do what they want to do regardless of what society dictates. If you have a dream, go after it, don’t hesitate.
The Humble Mwebaza Gloria

The Humble Mwebaza Gloria

We were able to catch-up with her and this is what she had to say;

What is the title of this position?

Mentor Chairperson.

What does this mean?

I am mentor to new engineering students, so I help them with course work and I also guide them through the school system of engineering.
This is because our first year projects are over stressful and this makes potential students change their majors, their dreams and I too believe that this should not be the case. So, I am there helper, I look to make things seem easier, to encourage them when they seem to slide back.
How does this new position make you feel?
I am very excited about this position because, I love it when I explain something to someone and then they understand it better than they did. This makes me some sort of change agent, I love it.
What did people think of a girl doing a ‘man’ course?
Ever since I was a kid, I sucked at historical Subjects to a point that I used to make F9 in those subjects but when it came to Sciences I wasn’t that bad. So basically when I got a to a stage where I had to choose a career I wanted to do either Accounting or Engineering. While growing up my parents knew my strengths and were okay with it.
People have that mentality that Engineering is ‘man’ course but when I came to America I was shocked, you find women driving buses, flying planes, building.-Therefore to me that was an old saying, that didn’t apply to me.
Do you miss home and what exactly do you miss if anything?
OMG (Oh My God) yes I do miss home so bad. I miss the food, my friends, and the night life back at home is a boom. I miss everything about Uganda, she is a beauty, a Pearl indeed.
 Anything you would want to say to Ugandan students?
All I have to say to students out there is that never give up on something you love. People need to to be friendly to people because people have different capabilities and strengths, that’s what makes us human.
Gloria with Some of her friends.

Gloria with Some of her friends.




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