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Until the story of the hunt is told by the lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter”

African Proverb

We will be honest with you. Stories about poverty porn, hunger, Ebola, tribalism and all negative stories about Uganda, you will never find them here.


Many negative stories have been told about Uganda. Across the globe, Uganda is known for her dark history most notably Idi Amin era, Ebola and Joseph Kony. Furthermore, the mainstream media is mostly circulated with stories of disease, poverty and dire conditions. While this story is a reality, it is not the complete story.

There is the positive side of Uganda that is often neglected. Stories of change. Stories of hope. Stories of young people defying odds. Stories of unsung heroes and heroines. Stories of the rich Ugandan nature and heritage and so much more. These are the stories that we tell. We tell positive stories about Uganda and boast for her great talent, people, weather and her amazing natural beauty.

This platform therefore, is an attempt to change the narrative. We have one mission- to tell Uganda’s positive stories and hope that Ugandans will fall in love with their country and the world will come join the party.

Join the movement.



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