Beautiful she- mysterious she!

Beautiful she- mysterious she;


the beautiful she; that I adore,with lovely skin, nails and hair,

I love her smile and her addiction;

but I’m yet to learn more about her!

Every moment that passes, I’m astounded;

I’m left caught by self thinking and asking;

could she be mine for real or I’m just among them;

but that time will tell; I can only let time be my witness.

She cries and you cry but only from the inside of your heart,

her tears you rush to wipe

letting none fall on the earth;

cause just one raises a storm among the dust.

So we struggle to keep up the joyful appearance

as the princess and queen to be should not be seen hurting;

her smile must be sustained and her peace must be prolonged;

but most of all her heart full of happiness.

Simple as she is she says that she loves me;

words I find hard to confess; cause they behold great aura,

such aura with a mystery pending divine assistance,

that one may need to consult the gods so as to decifer.

Beautiful she- mysterious she;

it’s my cupid letter and I’m running out of ink;

words I may not say will be said in and by  love;

sorry if I fail to say them-it’s because I feel numb each time I perceive.

Beautiful she- mysterious she- beneficiary of my love,

I confess that I am numb with love;

so if I fail to profess my love,  please condemn me not;

as I’m only taking precautions; lest this love take me astray;

Beautiful she- mysterious she;

I shall stand like a man of valour and confess

that you are a beauty among many;

and that I admit.



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