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Of sugar and smoke-who is to blame,

I’ll blame the sugar while you blame the smoke

There’s a cancer epidemic and we need someone to blame

Blame the sugar as I front the smoke

Should I chain the sugar as you chain the smoke!?

The cancer is now a pandemic and we need someone to blame.

All children and the old are prey to this cancer

As it spares none but devours all

It strikes the young threatening that they should not grow old

As it feeds on the bones and flesh of both old and young.

Cancer devours all, leaving no share for tomorrow;

It denies nations more leaders for tomorrow;

One soul at a time, it slowly sends to the grave

Who is to blame for the late screening, detection and prevention?

Who shall I blame?

I blame sugar!

I blame the smoke?

I blame you?

Nations black or white; it devours

Ages young and old; it does not segregate?

Who shall I blame?

I blame sugar!

I blame the smoke?

I blame you?

Sights have been blurred,

Visions have been torn,

Tissues are now rendered wasted,

As the glands are no longer useful,

I hear a time bomb they have become as per the doctor’s diagnosis.

Who shall I blame?

The cheeks have been swollen,

The brains have not been spared either,

Bones have become feeble and brittle to walk

With blood thin as air;

Could that be leukaemia?

Who shall I blame?

I shall not blame the sugar nor the smoke.

Is it lifestyle to blame or you who has done nothing;

I blame me for I have not taken action to prevent, promote and protect.

Her genitals were not spared

While his foot is rotting with a cancer slowly crawling

As the babies lungs fail to function- he is in need of a transplant.

Who shall we blame?

We should blame us the community

For we have not joined hands well enough to fight the pandemic

As a community to prevent, promote and protect.

The young child knows not about the burden and cause of this pandemic,

I shall blame me the community for I have not taught

That the sugar they crave in all its sweetness is food for the cancer

And that the lifestyles they take can expose them too to the cancer.

Let’s join hands as the community,

And save the lives that have been struck by this cancer,

And prevent it from feeding on our community

And that there will be no more blaming

But gratefulness for a work well done as the community.


Beautiful she- mysterious she!

Beautiful she- mysterious she;


the beautiful she; that I adore,with lovely skin, nails and hair,

I love her smile and her addiction;

but I’m yet to learn more about her!

Every moment that passes, I’m astounded;

I’m left caught by self thinking and asking;

could she be mine for real or I’m just among them;

but that time will tell; I can only let time be my witness.

She cries and you cry but only from the inside of your heart,

her tears you rush to wipe

letting none fall on the earth;

cause just one raises a storm among the dust.

So we struggle to keep up the joyful appearance

as the princess and queen to be should not be seen hurting;

her smile must be sustained and her peace must be prolonged;

but most of all her heart full of happiness.

Simple as she is she says that she loves me;

words I find hard to confess; cause they behold great aura,

such aura with a mystery pending divine assistance,

that one may need to consult the gods so as to decifer.

Beautiful she- mysterious she;

it’s my cupid letter and I’m running out of ink;

words I may not say will be said in and by  love;

sorry if I fail to say them-it’s because I feel numb each time I perceive.

Beautiful she- mysterious she- beneficiary of my love,

I confess that I am numb with love;

so if I fail to profess my love,  please condemn me not;

as I’m only taking precautions; lest this love take me astray;

Beautiful she- mysterious she;

I shall stand like a man of valour and confess

that you are a beauty among many;

and that I admit.

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Delighted Waitress

 2015-04-18 19.09.44Delighted waitress, Keen to please, She’s not a dream but real, and ready to serve I behold and observe her from but a distance.

She walks in and works And walks out when done working She stands and waits on the diners Serving them delicacies and wines Some French and Swiss

She serves wine never tasted by her Wine only known by name to her One wonders whether she would ever taste such Sweet wine, dry wine all alike Some south African, carribean, Ugandan- all alike.

She holds the glasses atop on her tray Having wiped them too clean enough to glitter Behold, I saw the reflection of the chef on one Ready to serve that sweet or dry wine; Could this bottle be from the prairies or it’s Russian?

She is neat and keen to please She listens out well to her clients Customers set to dine and feast at her master’s estate She takes orders and seeks not to meadour She listens well cut to the teeth, is she Italian?

The tip or the tip; That is the delight for her day She serves all day well counting points Weighing and waiting well on how much she is to earn So she serves them with a smile, Could she be Ugandan?                                                                                                                             I guess so For she is happy, warm and welcoming.

2015-04-18 19.11.22

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Sings Like a Crested Crane

The new Legion
For I have seen a new legion
That is black yellow red
And sings like a crested Crane
With elegance and versatility
For God and my country
A sign of the new true patriotism.

crested crane

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