Down this road I walk


Down this road I walk,

like a lone soldier but no lone soldier

for besides and behind me are veterans
 that have set me to tread down this road
 with great inspiration not forgetting
 the fore fathers and mothers
 that traced this road
that I may be able to walk
 in it even in the dark.
the credit I relay
 is to those unsung heroes
 that taught me how to read
 and those that taught my teachers to read
the passion they possessed
 even when they had no clear knowledge
of the future down the road they walked
so down this road I walk
I am grateful for them that sent them
I  mean the teachers to become teachers
those fore fathers and mothers
that believed in an educated generation
and wished their sons and daughters
to become teachers down that road they walked
Down this road I walk, I am grateful.



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