Endiro Coffee: More than a coffee shop

20150907_121803Undeniably, Uganda has one of the best coffee varieties in the  world.  Coffee lovers will tell you  that the aroma that streams from the cup is everything.

Endiro is one of those places you will get a great cup of coffee. Endiro is a Ruyankitara word that means a dining room where family gathers to enjoy meals.

This incredible coffee shop serves three types of handcrafted coffee; Aero-press, wood-neck and French press. Barista Khoga Isaac said that the clients love the wood-neck most because its taste and aroma are impeccable.

“We take time to brew our coffee, I have to examine the coffee beans, and ensure that all equipment is thoroughly clean” Khoga said.

On a random visit at Endiro, you will find people gathered around the tables chatting and working.

The manager of this coffee shop said that they pride in serving awesome coffee but are thrilled when people from allover the world sit down to think, create, bring great ideas to the world.

Endiro works with farmers from around the country to train them on the right moisture content because when farmers put out coffee with a high moisture content, not only does it compromise the quality of the coffee beans but they get paid less compared to the coffee that is well dried, has no or little foreign matter and no black beans. The international market demands and pays a premium to suppliers of high quality coffee.

Endiro stands tall among other coffee shops because they also have school projects in Kapchorwa that they support.





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