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Move over Hollywood and Bollywood, here comes Uganda’s Wakaliwood

You have watched the above clip on the internet and thought or still think that it is a joke? Well it is not. It is the official trailer for the first Ugandan action packed movie named Who Killed Captain Alex shot from Wakaliwood over two years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ugandan movie industry yet to take the world by storm.

Wakaliwood is home to Uganda’s (or safe to say East and Central Africa’s) finest action packed movie stars courtesy of Ramon Film Productions. The still infant slum based film industry has already gained attention from international media houses like for example Business Insider, BBC, Mail & Guardian and AFP due to their extra-ordinary passion and talent exhibited in the movies shot using less than 200 US $.

Located at a Kampala suburb Wakaliga (hence the name Wakaliwood), the team at Ramon Film Productions (RFP) is on a mission to make world blockbuster movies filmed on African soil for the African market and by Africans. In short, they are to redeem the positive Ugandan image through motion pictures on a global movie market!

To date, more than five action packed movies have been shot from Wakaliwood. Apart from Who Killed Captain Alex which was widely received and loved, other movies to have come out of Wakaliwood include Bukunja Tekunja Miti (horror movie), Tiger Mafia, The Return of Uncle Benon, Rescue TeamTebaatusasula: EBOLA, The Crazy World and the most anticipated Operation Kakongoliro which has been termed as the Expendables version of Uganda.

People’s never ending love affair with Who Killed Captain Alex

Who Killed Captain Alex remains the most loved movie by Wakaliwood faithfuls. The synopsis of the movie which was inspired by events during Idi Amin’s regime, tells a story about a mafia leader’s brother who is captured in a shootout, prompting a revenge attack on the army camp. But when troop leader Captain Alex is killed during a raid, a violent war escalates between the two sides.

The movie was written, produced, shot and edited in one month in the year 2010. The whole plot and non stop battle between the commandos, helicopters and the mafias was all done within two hours. After that, the movie was up for sale the following day! As of today, it has over 2,368,061 views to its name on YouTube (We hope you have watched the trailer at the beginning of this article)

The Curious case of Wakaliwood

Besides Who Killed Captain Alex, the way movies are shot in Wakaliwood is quite interesting. With a low budget and few resources, the team at RFP led by Isaac Nabwana  uses local ingredients like tomato sauce, cow blood, condoms, toy guns and banana fibers to depict blood and action packed graphic scenes in the movies to reflect the explosions in motion. You can think this is not cool but they bring out the best choreographed features in the movies when they are produced.

Even when they are just starting, the scripts of the movies are well written and filled with action. This is perhaps meant to capture promotions and a wide audience to gain a market for the young and ambitious movie industry located in East Africa with an aim of taking on the already existing giant movie industries like Hollywood (the western world) and Bollywood (India).

Whether they will stay around for long and gain a big following remains the question. The movie industry globally seems to be dominated by Hollywood which has consolidated its position as the best movie industry ever since it was founded by the Nestor company in October 1911. To this, Isaac Nabwana  speaking to BBC recently stated that determination and focus is the only way they will make Wakaliwood the best movie industry in the world a few years to come even when they are based in a Ugandan slum.

Isaac Nabwami. The team leader at RFP

Isaac Nabwana. The brain behind Wakaliwood : Source Wakaliwood

The Impact of Wakaliwood

In Africa, the movie industry remains lagging behind on the global market.  Except for Nigeria’s Nollywood, the rest of African states have not taken a keen interest in developing talents, arts, music and drama. This has made it impossible for most talents to breakthrough this ever evolving and competitive global village.

This has had a negative impact on many young people and consumers of television shows in Uganda and Africa in general. Many have adopted a lifestyle which is alien to them because of what they watch on TV. This has led to dislike of anything which is local worsened by absence of alternative local shows.

Wakaliwood therefore, might become a hub for new talents on the continent. The attention that the still infant movie industry is getting on the international scene, has already won the love and interest of the global entertainment squares even though it is yet to win confidence of the intended African audience all over the continent.

According to the Wakaliwood blog, initially Nabwana used to shoot the movies intended for his family and friends in Wakaliga. Five years later, the movies have become well received across the slums in Uganda not forgetting the international praises the films shot in a  Ugandan slum are getting.

The problem that comes with Nabwana’s movies is copyright infringement. Most movies in Uganda are pirated thereby massively infringing on the intellectual property rights of such brilliant minds. According to the Wakaliwood blog, Nabwana does not even know how many copies of Who Killed captain Alex have been sold.

Conclusively, Nabwami’s movies might be ignored by upper class citizens in Uganda but the international applause that he is getting deserves mentioning. Five years from now, Wakaliwood might take over Africa’s entertainment corners if Nabwana’s online campaign to get funding so as to buy world class equipment and studio yield positive response from well wishers. From Team This Is Uganda, this is another world class positive story from Uganda!

Image Gallery of the behind scenes events in Wakaliwood (all images are by Wakaliwood)


Isaac Nabwana in action : Source Wakaliwood


Who said kids can’t be commandos? Source Wakaliwood

How about we blow Paris up! Source YouTube

How about we blow Paris up! Source YouTube

Its time for action! Source AFP


We interrupt your reading to bring you

We interrupt your reading to bring you Uganda’s Rambo: Source Wakaliwood


Behind the scenes, Bukunja Tekunja Miti: Source Wakaliwood



Eaten Alive Uganda starter pack: Source Wakaliwood


M2yvSdf - Imgur

Very soon, we will have our own Star Wars: Source Wakaliwood

obVFBb0 - Imgur

Let’s get ready to Rambo! Behind the scenes, Tiger Mafia: Source Wakaliwood

Don't say we didn't warn you: source Wakaliwood

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: source Wakaliwood


Keep calm, the gun isn’t real: Source Wakaliwood


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, Operation Kakongoliro: Source Wakaliwood

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Purely Ugandan

Y+ Beauty Pageant: This Pageant Aims at Fighting Stigma And Discrimination of Young People Living With HIV

On 25th September, the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS (UNYPA) launched the 7th edition of the Y+ beauty pageant under the theme “Changing The Narrative.” 

The new Mr. and Miss Y+ Central region 2020/21

The Y+ Beauty Pageant is a novel concept that was developed to celebrate beauty with zero stigma and zero discrimination together with having zero new infections and having zero AIDS related deaths. The entertainment calendar has several beauty pageants and, one of which is the Y+ Beauty Pageant that has been on for the last seven years.

The beauty pageant has, over the years, served as a platform to young men and women (16 to 25 years) living with HIV to become voices to the voiceless, pillars of boldness and strength to those still afraid of HIV testing, these young people also share testimonies of assurance that acquiring HIV is not the end of life. Which is not that easy.

Nicholas Niwagaba the team leader at UNYPA speaking at one of the Y+ Beauty Pageant pre-events

“Our mandate is to better the lives of young people living with HIV/AIDS (YPLHIV), and we boldly take it upon ourselves to ensure that we fight stigma through the Y+ Beauty Pageant. Over the years we have managed to position young people in the fight against stigma and in so doing, HIV,” said Nicholas Niwagaba, the team leader at UNYPA.

The COVID- 19 virus has worsened stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS, the current pandemic threatens to reverse the accomplishments that have been made in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

As soon as the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Uganda on 19th March 2020, strict lockdown measures were enforced, including a ban on all public and private transport, night curfew, closure of schools, suspension of religious and social gatherings, and closure of non-essential shops and markets.

UNYPA ambassadors were supported with transport as well as bicycles to conduct the door to door home visits for fellow YPLHIV, face to face conversations, SMS for psycho social support to ensure adherence and positive living among YPLHIV.

UNYPA therefore, organizes the 2020 Y+ beauty pageant for YPLHIV in order to re-echo their voices, co- create to build a strong, energetic, creative, and productive generation able to address the multiple dimensions in which stigma and discrimination affect young peoples through raising awareness and empowering Y+ Ambassadors both male & female as champions to challenge HIV related stigma, discrimination & gender based violence within their communities. 

The Y-Plus pageant model in Uganda is now a nationally and international recognized and awarded model for a successful fight against HIV related stigma and discrimination, increasing awareness on HIV prevention but of more critical concern still largely remains unaddressed the problem of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS and society’s attitude to it is still a big concern.

The contest doesn’t focus on looks or beauty, but on a young positive person being a role model for other young people with HIV, on being able to advocate for the needs of young people, and to increase acceptance and understanding of young people living with HIV in society.

Through its yearly cycle, the Y+ Beauty Pageant has so far bred over 844 ambassadors who are part of a generation of YPLHIV youth champions advocating for and working towards an HIV stigma-free Uganda. The campaign shall be staggered in three stages: regional auditions; central- Kampala, eastern- Kamuli, western- Kabale and northern- Kwania followed by the boot camp, and a grand finale event on Friday 20th November 2020. 


UNYPA is a youth led and youth serving organization coordinating meaningful engagement of young people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda in the National, Regional and Global HIV/AIDS response.  With a membership of over 50,000 young people; UNYPA works to implement National Evidence-driven Advocacy programs that address HIV/AIDS related stigma and discriminations, Gender inequalities and promote Young People’s empowerment and universal access to integrated SRHR (SRHR) and HIV/AIDS information and services. UNYPA is driven by the needs of young people living with HIV and implements an evidence informed national programme and advocacy for YPLHIV to lead healthy and productive lives. 

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Purely Ugandan

2Gule: This Platform Makes it Easy For Ugandans to Shop And Ship From The US, UK And Canada

It has always been very difficult for people in Uganda to shop and ship items from popular stores in the USA, UK, and Canada, but that gap has been bridged by the 2Gule platform.

This has been the case especially when it comes to shopping from stores like Amazon, Fashionova, eBay, and Walmart among others. These stores don’t ship to Uganda, and that had become a very big problem to perpetual shoppers of authentic goods.

The 2GULE platform is here to help you buy what you want, when you want, at the best price & have it delivered straight to you in Uganda. There is no need to give up & settle for counterfeit products on the market because you can’t get what you want from the USA, UK or Canada so get around shipping restrictions once and for all.

How 2Gule works

Go online & look for the products you want to buy, and then visit the 2Gule website where you can send them a link to your product or just a simple description of the items you want to buy from stores in the USA, UK & Canada.

Afterwards, they will send you a quotation with the total cost including; Cost of product, shipping costs, and taxes on arrival. After which, you can then pay 60% of the total price for which they buy, ship & pay taxes on arrival, all in under 14-21 days upon receiving the goods at their 2GULE warehouse in the US.

You can then pay the 40% after receiving your product from #2GULE. You receive an email you as soon as your purchased goods have arrived at their offices in the US and you can then either choose to let them know whether you want them delivered to you when they get to Uganda, or to pick them up from their offices at Kirabo Complex, Level 2, room 222.

In the event that you already bought your goods OR have items still stuck in the USA/UK or Canada, they can still help you ship them into Uganda, pay the customs fees and deliver them safely to you. Their fees range from $8 to $9 per pound of weight (includes shipping fees & tax on arrival), the cheapest on market at the moment.

Pricing for goods to be shipped

Assuming you want to purchase an item at $110 from Amazon. On checking out, Amazon will charge you a $15 USA tax making the total price of the good $125. 2Gule uses a dollar rate of 3850-3900 per Ugx. This makes a $125 product cost about Shs487,500.

Airliners often charge about $8 per pound. Assuming your item weighs 12 pounds, it would bring the price to Shs861,900 however, this is before the URA taxes that vary from item to item, music equipment attracts about 30% tax at Customs. Remember, you will have your item in Uganda within 14-21 days from date of purchase.

Although owned by youthful Ugandan citizens that still prefer to remain anonymous, 2Gule has come a long way to support Uganda thrill spenders and high-class shoppers to be able to access the items/goods that they want, when they want, and at an affordable price.

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Purely Ugandan

GLIM! This Website is Celebrating, Motivating, Uplifting, And Empowering Women to be The Best Version of Themselves

Born on February 19, 2018, GLIM has come to be one of the most celebrated websites in regards to empowering women, and giving women a platform to tell their stories, and inspire each other. GLIM is a platform that celebrates women and lets them pride in who they are, as it motivates, inspires and uplifts.

Glim, is meant to collectively build a positive community that celebrates women, their achievements, inspire each other and build confidence in themselves to be the best versions of the people they aspire to be, while enjoying life of course.

Women make up more than half of the world’s population. At Glim, the team believes that it is important to empower the woman, take a front seat in purposefully contributing to the world. 

It’s no secret that Africa is still lagging behind in terms of women empowerment, mainly because Culture has stripped women of their inherent power, leaving them feeling unworthy, uninspired and restricting them to mere marital duties. 

GLIM is also a media platform that wants to inspire and open women to the realization of their full potential and power, and the great role they can play in the development of the continent. 

To this effect, they curate content that celebrates and hypes women’s accomplishments in different fields, and empowers them financially with a goal of making their content informative and fun, as they give value to their readers.

The Mission of GLIM is to empower the African Woman, while their Vision is to be the number one go to digital media platform for purposeful women related content.

Show them some love by following their social media platforms;

Facebook –

Instagram – @glim_ug

Twitter – @Glim_ug

Website –

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