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Naguru Skyz Hotel, luxury and beauty lying on one of Kampala’s hills

Looking up the hill of Ntinda or rather Naguru, you would see a building standing tall and bright, behold the Naguru Skyz Hotel. The hotel is 4,1 feet and has joined the chain of 5 star hotels in Uganda with it’s own unique , exciting and rather formidable luxury accommodation, conferencing and the best city view for business men and travelers.

Owned by Mr. Patrick Bitature, Naguru Skyz Hotel has been listed under the Protea Hotels by the Marriot chain. The Hotel was specially built facing the city with 4 rectangular blocks and five floors on each. The blocks where designed to face each other, you could think it’s circular- it’s not. From the Hotel, you get a perfect bird eye view of other famous hills of Kampala, namely; Kololo, Muyenga, Mbuya and Mutungo. You can also magnificently view Kamwokya, Bukoto, Ntinda, Kisaasi and more areas west of Kampala CBD.

The Naguru Skyz Hotel  boasts of 141 spacious standard and deluxe rooms and other numerous facilities to make anyone’s visit worth remembering. The coffee rooms, conference/boadrooms are a plus for any conferences or retreats and one of the Hotel’s restaurant has a 120 guests capacity.

The hotel offers, privacy, luxury, comfort-ability and affordability all in just one package. The hotel staff are friendly, hospitable in a unique way and most of all professional. Talking of food, the meals served at Naguru Skyz Hotel are exceptional ranging from local food to international cuisine made by the best chefs in town.

With all it’s conference rooms and comfortable bedrooms, Naguru Skyz Hotel is targeting tech-savvy millennials, business travelers, entrepreneurs, and tourists ready with its four-star finishes and quality connectivity, with social hubs for enhanced networking opportunities.

Getting in and out of the Hotel is also not a big hustle, with the help of Uber- of course. However, Naguru Skyz Hotel has invested much time in making it easy to come in and leave comfortably as they are in sync with the sister Protea Hotels, and the Airport shuttle.

They also offer laundry/dry cleaning services, for guests all in one package with no extra charge. Security at the hotel is paramount as the premises are  guarded 24/7 by professional security personnel who are also helpful to first time visitors. The hotel rooms are also fitted with a safe where guests can keep their valuables.


The rooms are fitted with Turkish sourced furniture, artworks and ceramics, side tables and study lamps, plus textured finishes. All bathrooms have a tub/shower combination, however, those in the Deluxe suites have an added expert touch of marble with a separate shower and toilet, also larger. The rooms also have Air conditioning, LCD TV with access to over 54 channels and a well-appointed King/Queen sized bed.

The Hotel is offering a glorious New Year’s day experience on 31st to watch the whole of Kampala usher in a new year (2018) from one of the best view points ever. They are also offering a VIP feel and experience with a New Years Eve Family BBQ at Ugx 90,000, New Year Eve Dinner Party at Ugx 250,000, and other offers on New years Day.

Naguru Skyz Hotel is a dedication to Ms. Carol Bitature, the wife of Mr. Patrick Bitature.

About Mr. Patrick Bitature

Born in Fort Portal, Kabarole District in the Western Region of Uganda in 1960, Patrick Bitature is a Ugandan businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairman of the Simba Group of Companies, an East African conglomerate, with interests in telecoms, energy production, mining, media, real estate, travel, and leisure. He is the co-owner of Protea Hotels.

Patrick Bitature, is the founder of the Patrick & Carol Bitature Foundation, a charity organisation focusing on education and life-saving health care initiatives. It was established in December 2010 with the main objective of providing education and healthcare to disadvantaged youth in the community.

Patrick Bitature is the chairman of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda, which is an umbrella body composed of private sector enterprises and offering lobbying advocacy and training for its members. He is also Chairman of Umeme Limited since 2007 and also chairman of Electromaxx Uganda (Owner of the 70 megawatt Tororo Thermal Power station).

He has also served as the honorary consul of Australia in Uganda and as the patron of the Australian Alumni Association Uganda.

Book your room today for a comfortable, worthwhile Kampala Visit; Standard rooms go for 211$, Standard club 220$, Deluxe rooms 260$ and Deluxe club = 322$. You can send an email to or call +256 312-554000. The hotel is found at 1 Water Lane Naguru Kampala, Uganda

Photos: Florence Kakatshozi





How The Humble ‘Rolex’ Celebrates Uganda’s Uniqueness!

*By Charlotte Beauvoisin

How do you sum up Uganda, the Pearl of Africa to would-be visitors? And what makes Uganda unique? Some thoughts on Independence Day 9th October, 2017.

I received an interesting email recently: “I have been following your adventures and love what you do. Uganda is a country with incredible soul and you manage to capture it in the most beautiful and charming ways. We are currently working on a campaign that aims to inspire unity amongst Africans and promote Africa as the ultimate travel destination.”

I was therefore asked to “shoot a short video of yourself explaining what makes Uganda such a wonderful country.”

If you’ve read my “50 reasons why I love Uganda” you’ll know that creating a one-minute video to encapsulate all of that would be impossible! I wrote 50 reasons to honour 50 years of Uganda’s independence – that list gets longer day by day.

I was touring Uganda at the time, researching the country’s best lodges for Fodor’s “Complete Guide to the African Safari” guidebook. As the video deadline approached, I was in Buhoma, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

New Vision columnist Arthur Katabalwa and Mariana and chef Alex at Bwindi Bar, a Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust project

I happened to be traveling with former Urban TV producer Arthur Katabalwa – and what followed was an impromptu piece to camera during a rollex-making demo!r, a Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust project

Bwindi Bar chef Alex (trained by the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust charity) prepares for his TV debut! Making a rather posh rolex!

(Fast forward the video to 1 minute 30 seconds to meet bloggers from Uganda!)

The rolex “rolled eggs” (omelette) wrapped in a chapati is becoming infamous now. This simple street food sums up some quintessential Ugandaness:

  • – Rolex is Uglish (a unique take on the English language which frequently has us all rolling around the floor in stitches!)
  • – Entrepreneurship: setting up a roadside rolex stall is a popular small business in Uganda.
  • – The rolex stall is where we stand around chatting as we wait to be served. It’s where we may start our day.
  • – It’s where many people end a late night – grabbing a cheap bite to eat after a night on the town. If you’re lucky, your boda boda guy will drive right up to the rolex guy’s stall and you won’t even need to get off your boda!

I was honored to appear alongside well-known Ugandan bloggers Rosebell Kagumire, Ernest Bazanye and Sophie from a Kitchen in Uganda in this video. Incidentally, it was Sophie who helped the rolex go global when it featured on CNN in the article “Delicious African foods you should try.”

#TrevorNoahVisitsUganda or did he? Trevor Noah gets his rolex fix (allegedly!) in Wandegeya, Kampala

If African travel floats your boat, check out Travelstart’s fun quiz: “Which African country do you actually secretly want to explore?” Answer a few questions to be presented with your ideal African country. (If it’s not Uganda…) where will it be?

The rolex is so famous, it even has its own festival in Kampala! The muzungu meets the rolex (beauty) queen and festival creator Mirembe Enid

*Charlotte is an award winning travel blogger who is passionate about promoting Uganda’s beauty and uniqueness. Check out her blog!

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This Dutch-Ugandan is Positively Changing the Image of Karamoja

2016 was not the first time that Theo vos had traveled to Karamoja. It was the first time that he felt brave enough to travel around and sleep with warriors in the bush, and explore the mountains freely by feet, motor bikes and cars without security.

“Ever since I started exploring the region and getting to know the natural beauty as well as the cultural wealth of my people, it has become an addiction to learn and document what I find.” Theo says.

After nine months, Theo flew back to The Netherlands and it was after he entered the plane, that he came to the realisation what kind of journey he had embarked on. Thousands of photos, hours of video and hundreds of stories to tell. He felt that he had started to build a relationship with Karamoja, something that – without realising – he had been longing for.

“Not only emotionally had I found myself a true home, but also in a professional way, I was able to start a new venture that combines my profession, my social entrepreneurial ambitions and learning about my culture.”

Theo (in blue) as a kid. (Photo credit: Theo Vos)

In March 2016, Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours was born and started the first tour operator that specialised in the combination of outdoor adventures and community tourism  throughout the Karamoja region.

Soon after it started, Theo bumped into the the fact that various influential foreign countries didn’t allow it’s citizens to travel through the Karamoja region due to insecurities that occurred in the past like The Commonwealth Countries, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“I started lobbying with Ugandan ambassadors and Tourism Associations, but their feedback was not pleasing. They have ever been putting efforts in positively impacting the image of the country and it’s a process that takes time they shared. So as the top-down solution was not as effective as I hoped, I decided to change the strategy and start from the grassroots.” He said.

Theo realised that travellers had an incredibly large reach and traveling in it’s essence is a popular topic on social media. Soon after their guests spread their travel stories, Theo and his team saw an instant positive impact on the image of Karamoja. From simple reactions to excited inquiries.

“This was the spark that ignited the Discover Karamoja project to positively impact the image of Karamoja through photography on social media (with hashtag #DiscoverKaramoja) and offline (with the Discover Karamoja book).

Through Discover Karamoja, Theo is changing the narrative of what people know about the region. (Photo credit: Theo Vos)

Theo believes Karamoja is Uganda’s best kept secret because its secrets are intangible like the preserved cultural heritage with unique dressing, craftsmanship as iron melting, genius governing system, food preservation methods, pastoral culture and ancestral knowledge of herbal medicines and cultural ceremonies. On the other hand, Karamoja also has tangible secrets as wildlife and bird species that are endemic to Karamoja, lush mountain ranges, minerals (gold, limestone, marble) and oil.

“Only recently, Karamoja has been able to reveal its secrets. From colonial times up to only five years ago, Karamoja has been isolated. Under colonial rule, the region was a closed district and mobility restricted making it only accessible with a permit. During Amin’s reign the Karimojong people were suppressed and humiliated. In the eighties the Karimojong obtained guns that caused a tribal war for thirty years.” Theo explains.

For the last 12 months since Kara- Tunga Tours has been in existence, its first focus has been developing community tourism and empowering the community to start village saving and loan groups and making arts and crafts. As a result, this community has been able to take all their children to school. Extra donations from tourists have been spend on buying school materials.

Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours is aimed at strengthening community resilience, preserving our cultural heritage and positively impacting the image of the region through tourism and arts. (Photo credit: Theo Vos)

The initiative has established partnerships through Cross Cultural Foundation Uganda (CCFU) where it voluntarily has initiated Cultural Heritage Clubs at 7 Secondary Schools aimed at Preserving Cultural Heritage through Education and competition among each other, started a partnership with the Uganda Red Cross Society, aimed at equipping our staff with the skills to provide more safety during its activities.

It has also embarked on the Karamoja Tourism project aimed at developing and marketing the Karamoja region as an attractive tourist destination and Tour of Karamoja a new project in partnership with Bicycles for Humanity Karamoja, iEmpowerment founding father Pat Montani and English former professional racing cyclist and present day Tour de France commentary Paul Sherwen which in October this year will test-drive the route with the organising team and announce the dates for the first Tour of Karamoja taking place next year.

Furthermore, the initiative were regional partners of Miss Tourism Karamoja that won Miss Tourism Uganda this year.

Discover Karamoja’s Instagram page shows the side of Karamoja you don’t see on TV. (Photo Credit: Theo Vos)

“Last week we Kickstarted a regional community tourism development project with international NGO Restless Development” Theo says. Restless Development chose for Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours due to its regional experience in developing and marketing sustainable cultural tourism. The team is looking forward to encourage their youth groups in Karamoja to respect, preserve and embrace their traditions whilst also enhancing their opportunities in life through tourism and arts.

On October 28th, The 1st Tour of Karamoja by Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours took place. It was flagged off by district officials and hosted by former Tour de France cyclist and present day commentary.

Discover Karamoja Book

Discover Karamoja book is a crowd sourced photo book aimed at positively impacting the image or Karamoja and raise funds to preserve one of  East Africa’s last living Indigenous cultures.

“We are gathering the stories and photographs of exceptional friends of Karamoja that are going to make a difference by telling the true story; whether you’ve traveled through Karamoja and made stunning photos or have lived among the Karimojong people and have an experience you want to share with the world.” Theo explains.

He further says that by contributing to the Discover Karamoja Print Project, you will positively impact the image of the region and development as tourist destination to improve the livelihoods of the community.

The Discover Karamoja project is in two folds. One is the online project: #DiscoverKaramoja whereby photos and stories are collected with hashtag #DiscoverKaramoja and presented on the Discover Karamoja website and social media channels.

The second fold is the offline project- Discover Karamoja Photo Book which besides the production of the coffee-table book, the print project also has an continuous element in the form of limited printed postcards. Content creators are able to donate a photograph that if selected will be printed and sold as postcard.

The cover of Discover Karamoja Magazine. (Credit: Theo Vos)

Theo’s biggest challenge from the start was none of his team members having any experience in the business of tour operating so they have been doing everything with from our gut feeling.

The biggest impact Theo believes he has made so far, is that he has been able to create jobs, employ the youth and motivate our youth staff to study in tourism as we believe it will be a job for the future of the region.

Furthermore, the communities they have involved in tourism activities have been able to save money and thereby build resilience through tourism and crafts.

“We have been able several globetrotters, international and local journalists that wrote feature stories about the region and our culture. And we have been able to enter travel guides where Karamoja has not been featured ever before.” Theo explains.

Recently, Karamoja was officially declared as a Save To Travel Zone by the UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). “This clearance is a big thing for us as ‘Positively impacting the image of the Karamoja region’ was one of the main reasons we started Kara-Tunga and related projects”. Theo notes.

In 5 years time, Theo hopes that the Discover Karamoja project will not be necessary anymore in it’s present form. “I sincerely hope that in 5 years time, Karamoja will be known as a safe region with friendly people and rich in culture and and natural resources.” Theo says.

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Traveling to Ssese Islands for World Tourism Day? Here are 5 things you should know

On Wednesday September 27th, 2017, Uganda will join the rest of the world to commemorate this year’s World Tourism Day.

The day that was adopted in 1980 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), is a day meant to raise awareness on the contribution of sustainable tourism to development among public and private sector decision-makers and the international community, while mobilizing all stakeholders to work together in making tourism a catalyst for positive change.

This year’s celebrations will be held in Ssese Islands (Kalangala District) on Lake Victoria. Want to take part or want to know key things about the beautiful islands? We have compiled key things you should know and here they are;

  1. About Ssese Islands

Ssese is a group of islands found in the western part of the large Lake Victoria, within Kalangala district. It has 84 tiny islands which vary in size from the less than 10,000 sq km to more 40 kilometers in length. Bugala is the largest and most popular island with the best lodges/hotels. Other islands include Bulago Island which is a small island closer to the lake-shore that is run by a resort, Bukasa Island a small island containing Father Christopher‘s guest house, Banda Island another small island, more remote, that also has a guest house, Bubeke and Bufumira islands among others.

Victoria Forest Resort Ariel View on Bugala Island (Photo by Victoria Forest Resort)

  1. How to get there

There are two ways to get to Bugala Island from the mainland. The first way is to use the ferry that departs daily from Nakiwogo (in Entebbe) to Kalangala Bay – Lutoboka. It departs at 2:00pm taking about 3.5 hours to Kalangala. It then returns from Kalangala daily back to Nakiwogo at 8:00 am. The charges are UGX 15,000 per individual for 1st class and UGX 10,000 for 2nd class.

The second way is through another ferry which departs from Bukakata site (in Masaka) and lands at Bugoma on the other end of Bugala Island. Its departure times are 8:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm and then 4:00 pm from Bukakata and returns from Bugoma at 9:00 am, 12:30 pm, as 2:30 pm and then 5:00 pm, as well.

MV Kalangala making it’s way to the Islands. (Photo by nirsha)

3. Where to stay on the Ssese Islands

Not sure where to stay on the beautiful islands? Kalangala’s superb natural assets are on display in an array of accommodations from wilderness lodges and boutique sandstone hotels to stunning steel and glass edifices that skirt the glorious lake shores.

Accommodation choices on the Islands are numerous. Eco-friendly hostels in prime positions suit the young and budget-conscious, while luxury retreats and island resorts cater to the well-heeled and those who like their adventure mixed with comfort.

Jumia Travel compiled a list of 13 lodges/hotels where you can stay including their price ranges. Here is the complete list.

Lake view at Brovad Sands Lodge. (Photo by Jumia Travel)

  1. Top things to do (and see) on the Islands

The Islands come with an opportunity to do a wide range of fun filled activities. The first natural thing you can do is to relax and chill on the islands. Depending on your travel arrangement or with the lodge, you can engage in other activities like mountain biking, fishing, sunset cruises, nature walks, camp and beach fires, bird watching and the list is really, really endless.

The islands are also home to the famous damula tree used to make spears and can only be found on this island in Uganda.

A tale of romance and the sunset at Ssese islands Resort Hotel.

  1. Join the World Tourism Day Celebrations

On Wednesday 27th, a lot of activities will take place and these include the Wild Run- Kalangala, launch of the Kalangala Zoo, Boat Regatta, Wresting ( Ekigwo Gumbya), Tag of War and Cooking competition by Miss Tourism contestants and so much more. Why don’t you just head to the official Visit Uganda website for more information on what you can participate in? Click here to head there right now!

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