‘Photography Gives Me Freedom’, Says Ugandan Born Photographer Irene Namuganyi

Irene Namuganyi: Blog
Irene Namuganyi: Photo from her website

Her Photography is breathtaking. She has an eye for beauty. Her name is  Irene Namuganyi  a Ugandan Computer Engineering student of  Potchefstroom University.  in South Africa. In an exclusive interview, this awesome photographer and photoblogger spoke to This Is Uganda about her love affair with photography.

Who is Irene Namuganyi?

I’m a Computer Engineeríng student with a passion for photography, currently living in South Africa. My family lives in Uganda so I visit frequently. I love photography, travelling, art, technology and adventures.

When did you become a photographer and for how long have you been?
I have loved the art of photography for a while, but I only got serious about it in December 2013 when I got my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D5100.
You have an awesome website. What was your first big break in photography?
Thank you.My first big break was when i got the DSLR because I had wanted it for a while and it was the only thing i was missing to take my photography to the next level.
How would you describe your style?
My personal style is more to the boho-chic side and my photography style is mainly lifestyle where I aim at artistically capturing people as they go about their activities in real-life situations.
You love art, street, lifestyle and portrait photography. How are you progressing?
I feel like I’ve made significant progress from where i started, though I’m not yet where i want to be in terms of my photo quality and finding who I am as a photographer. But I’m on my way there.
Why do you love photography?
I love it when I see a great photo opportunity. I capture it right on time and when i get to my computer to edit it, it comes out just as I expected or even better than I expected. All those moments make me feel free.
Which photographers inspire you?
In your opinion, what makes one to be a successful photographer?
I think when you know who you are as a photographer, and your art can speak for itself.
What makes you exceptional from the rest of the photographers?
I’d say what makes me different is the way i see things and how I capture moments. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly.
What are some elements by which you judge a good photo? When do you look at an image and say, “Wow that’s gonna be an amazing photograph?”
An amazing photograph is focused perfectly, lit just right, and takes my breath away for a moment.
Are you still pretty conservative with how many shots you take?
It depends on the moment, when so much is happening at the same time, i tend to snap as many shots as possible, but in a more controlled situation, i focus on getting everything in the shot just right, from the camera.
Do you prefer filters or post processing?
I prefer post-processing. I actually look forward to getting my photos home to my editing software on my computer.
Road side traders in Kalerwe: Photo by Irene from her blog
Road side traders in Kalerwe: Photo by Irene from her blog
What has been your best moment as a photographer so far?
My best moments are usually when i do any photography series like; the photographer collaboration i did with a fellow Ugandan photographer, Peter Mayanja.
Any worst moments so far?
My worst moments are always when i get a great shot in camera, but when i go back to my computer for editing, it is out of focus.
Your photos look pretty awesome. What programs do you use for editing and conversions?
Thank you. I use only Adobe Lightroom when I do my edits on my computer, but when I am doing an on-the-go edit on my phone, i use Snapseed and VSCO Cam.
How is life outside Uganda?
Of course there’s no place like home, but life’s comfortable.
What do you miss about Uganda when you are away?
I miss my family, and the general Ugandan lifestyle. That gives me so many ideas about things to try with my photography.
When people from South Africa hear about Uganda, what do they think?
Some don’t know much about it but those that do, know mainly Makerere University, President Museveni and its fight against homosexuality.
What does Uganda have which makes you think its better than South Africa?
Ugandan food is everything!
Have you ever been a victim of stereo-typing just because you’re a Ugandan?
Not really.
If you where given a chance to change Uganda, what would you change?
Nothing. All its positives and negatives make it what it is.
Any advice for someone who wants to join or has just joined photography?
Keep at it. Take photos as often as you can and everyday if you can. Try to be better than you were the previous day through looking at what other photographers are doing and get inspiration from that.
Do you mind sharing your 25 most awesome images with us?
Yeah sure*
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 *Please kindly note that Miss Irene Namuganyi’s photos are copyrighted and therefore should not be downloaded from this blog or her website without her permission. Plagiarism or using someone’s idea without his or her consent is illegal under Section 4 of The Copyright and Neighbouring Act 2006 of Uganda.





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