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Culture6 months ago

Uganda set to host the East African festival- JAMAFEST 2017

Uganda is set to host the third edition of Jumuiya Ya Afrika Mashariki Uamaduni Festival (JAMAFEST) in a bid to...

Plainly speaking1 year ago

Uganda isn’t Kony, Idi Amin or Ebola

You have any non-African friends, right? Ask them what they think of Uganda. The answers you may receive will be related...

Travel1 year ago

11 Reasons why you should NEVER, ever visit Lake Bunyonyi

1. First of all Lake Bunyonyi is not beautiful 2. There is literally nothing breathtaking to see. Just move along...

Unsung Heroes3 years ago

Writing Shouldn’t be your sidekick- Uganda’s Bwesigye Bwa Mwesigire

A master of his art, a writer and a creative in all forms of mental creativity that refers to himself...

Travel3 years ago

Ten Ugandan Historical Sites You Last Saw in Your SST Text Book

Uganda is not only endowed with awesome physical features but also great historical sites. Most of these we last saw...

Lifestyle3 years ago

Olee Uganda: Lary Chary in Praise of His Country

  Undeniebly Uganda is gifted by nature, by beauty and by talent. And  as you have probably heard many times,...

Unsung Heroes3 years ago

Laura Byaruhanga: Spicing Up Uganda with the Spoken Word

Meet the passionate poet Laura Byaruhanga, she loves poetry so much that she treated guests on her wedding day to...

Unsung Heroes3 years ago

“Dare to Stand out of the Crowd,” says Ugandan Rapper Edwin Ruyonga

EDWIN Ruyonga is a man on a mission. Unarguably, he has redefined hip-hop in Uganda. He is known for his...


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