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This is the Pearl of Africa

I was in an afternoon lecture somewhere in Makerere University when the lecturer was talking about the pearl of Africa. I remember I was in a doze mood until I heard the lecturer refer to Congo as the pearl of Africa. Deep inside, I was like “where is your patriotism Mr?” My mind already taking it’s toll analysing all the facts that he( the lecturer) used to describe Congo, I was utterly saddened by my mind’s revelation, I am not trying to say that my mind is a king neither am I saying that I am the grandfather of ‘patriotism’. The thing is that, whatever he said about Congo also applied to Uganda and many more that he didn’t talk about, but that still leaves Uganda as the only Pearl of Africa. Here is why:

First things first, Uganda was named the Pearl of Africa by the former UK Prime Minister Sir Winston Church when he was on a tour across Africa in 1907. He called uganda so, because she was/is a special country endowed by mother nature more than any country on the African continent. Like many other visitors, he fell in love with her lakes, rivers, mountains, climate and forests thereby making him to brand her as the Pearl of Africa. No other country has ever been described as that and thus, there is one pearl of Africa which is Uganda.

Uganda is home to the best weather in the world, coupled with sunshine and rain, Uganda has a number of forests which don’t only modify the climate of the pearl but also provide herbs, fruits and wood. The best tropical climate attributed to the equator strategically located in Uganda more than any other country in the world, makes it a country worth living in due her hospitable climate which is normally stable through out the year.

Uganda has the best scenery in Africa composed of swamps, lakes , rivers mountains and semi-arid lands. The biggest lake ( Lake Victoria is found in Uganda), The longest river (River Nile) starts from Uganda. Did I mention that Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa is also found in Uganda? Can you imagine snow capped mountains on the equator? Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa.

The source of the greatest river in the world (River Nile) is right here, and the source of the greatest river happens to be one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world(Lake Victoria) which is shared by three countries. John Hannington Speke the great explorer from Britain, indeed justice and credit when he came and found the source of River Nile. Today, Uganda is proud to be the home to the longest River in the world starting right from the Eastern district of Uganda to the Mediterranean sea connecting to the Atlantic Ocean.

Uganda has many mountains which include a snow caped mountain also known as Mountains of the Moon(mountain Rwenzori), a source of many minerals which include; vermiculite, copper, limestone. a haven with the best hospitality, diverse cultures, tribes and languages. Uganda is also known as the banana republic because it is majorly an agricultural economy with fertile soils and favourable climate. a home to mountain gorillas, buffalos, hippos, nile crocodiles, ostriches lizards, snakes, chimpanzees, monkeys, wathogs, birds, et cetra. found in the numerous game parks and reserves located around Uganda not forgetting the Uganda Wildlife Education centre commonly known as the Zoo.

Mountain Gorillas are found in Uganda than the rest of the whole world and Africa in particular. Little as it is, Uganda has 10 national parks, 7 game reserves and around 30 national forest reserves where birding vacation are the order of the day. It is therefore a home away from home by tourists and visitors who come and spend long holidays in our motherland wishing to stay here even after the end of there vacation. Indeed, Uganda is not Spain! We belong to a class of people far beyond and better than the rest in the world.*

And on top of that, the cultures of people in Uganda takes it all. Uganda has more than 50 ethnic tribes with different cultures. This heterogenous setting, has made us to be one of the most culturally diverse community in Africa which is living in peace compared to other countries at war for example South Sudan. This is Uganda, a country with numerous cultures, dances, practices and dressing, a country with a lovable people, warm hearted and loving. a friendly climate and many physical features. this is the pearl of Africa.

Our diverse culture have remained our strength of national heritage. Uganda’s culture comprises of various ethnic groups that is the Bantu speaking group who are base in the western, central, and southern side of the country and the Nilotic group who lives in the northern, eastern and northwestern part of Uganda. The Bantu speaking group has the largest population in the country and comprises of the Basoga, Bagisu, Baganda, Bunyoro, Banyankole, and the Batoro with Baganda as the largest ethnic group in the country. Their major economic activity is cultivation and some are Pastoralist. T

In spite of them being in the same ethnic group, they are also divided into tribes having different leaders and known with different names. Example the Baganda ruled by Kabaka, Bunyoro ruled by Omukama.  This is the ethnic group were traditional rulers are still given that traditional respect and rights today by their people.

The north offers you opportunity to engage yourself with The Nilotic speaking group comprises of, the Acholi, Lango, Iteso, Karamojong, Alur and the KaKwa with the Itseo as the second largest ethnic group. They mostly depend on farming and animal rearing to supplement.

Did i mention about the small group of the Batwa community which lives in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park?. The Batwa are the threatened species of human being in Uganda. A visit to the batwa pygmies’ community offers you exciting cultural trails known as the Batwa trials where you will be told about the Batwa ways of living.

That said, what more evidence do you need to be reminded that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa?



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1 Comment

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