This is Uganda in Three Minutes


By Joel Basoga*

For God and my Country

These are words embodied in our nation’s Creed

But only right here in Uganda Does our government export electricity?

When 25 percent of our own do not have access to sustainable energy

Only right here in Uganda Do we send out Doctors to fight Ebola in West Africa

When our very own Mothers and sisters Cannot afford healthcare for a pregnant woman?

This is Uganda

Home of the Rich home to the wealthy Home of well paid But at the same time,

Uganda Is home to the poor,the deceived Home to the deceived and

home to Natural disasters That has left our People in Bududa in need.

Some say our Country is embodied in Hatred and tribalism

But there lies Kampala Kampala the City of Brotherly Love

Where regardless of one’s background A child can hope to make it.   4

This is Uganda

Home to the Yellow Bananas

Home to the green shatters and white picket fences

But my youthful people do not recognize the air that I breathe

They do not recognize the crested crane that is our emblem

Our Young people quote these power figures

They want to be like Barrack Obama Our ladies walk Like Kim Kardashian and talk like Michelle Obama

Forgetting the richness and purity of my Nation

This is my NATION UGANDA The Pearl of Africa. DSCN9283 DSCN9229DSCN1456 DSCN9227 DSCN9222 DSCN9161DSCN1644 DSCN9149 DSCN9127DSCN1435

Photographer: Ibrahim Batambuze 

*Mr. Joel Basoga is a well celebrated Poet and team leader of Azania club of music, arts and poetry based at Uganda Christian University (UCU). He performed the above poem at the just concluded Grand Azania event on February 27th at UCU which was well attended.





  1. luwagga

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  2. pmuhamya

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    Uganda a country where the social media mosquitoes will bite #Mugabe for his age and weeks later the president appoints one who is older than #uncleBob for minister.
    A country referred to as Banana republic when few can really know what it takes to evade that name.
    Wait! Malaria also still kills people in Uganda!

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