Uganda’s kitenge craze

Bab 3It is one of those trends that has taken over the fashion world by storm. It has been widely accepted worldwide and seeing it on the backs of so many Ugandan people brings us  so much joy. The kitenge fabric has been crafted to fit all designs and occasions representing the African heritage extremely well. The beauty of this trend is that it gives everyone the liberty to choose their own style and make their own fashion statement while maintaining the traditional aura in the patterns of this fabric.

Forget the days when clothes made out of kitenge fabric were for the old people who used the materials to make clothes with a conservative approach. Skirts, dresses and shirts.Bab 2.  Kitenge/chitenge is an east African fabric similar to a sarong often worn by men and women. Kitenge has been worn informally on any occasions and symbolically for example on traditional weddings, visitations and such other special functions and informally, more of late on casual days, cocktails etc.

The beauty that is kitenge is that it comes in a host of colors and patterns with each telling its own story. A traditional batik technique is used to print these patterns with each holding its own uniqueness and story.

It brings me great pleasure to see the streets of Kampala brightly colored with all these fabrics in different styles and prints. With people of all ages beautifully clad in this clothes.

‘Kitenge fabric depicts the African heritage in every sense’ says Gloria, a huge fan of the kitenge fabric. ‘It has really cool patterns too’.

When asked about the versatility and the best way to wear kitenge outfit, Bridget Mpora a designer and proprietor of Mpora designs says ‘to pull of any outfit made of kitenge, one has to simply accessorize it right. Get the right jewelry, purse, the right shoes and you will have nailed it. ‘

And on how and where to best wear outfits made from the kitenge fabric, ‘Kitenge is just another type of fabric used to make clothing to fit different occasions like parties, casually, formally and many more other functions.’

Bab 1Watch out for an exclusive interview with Barbra Ruth a young woman whose passionate about crafting the Kitenge. The pictures of the designs used in this story are hers. “Fashion is a passion.”  she says. In the meantime you can whatsapp her on 0782796617 to make an order.





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